“Industrial punk with raw power” – Louder Than War

 “Industrial punk duo combining dirty bass, harsh vocals, synth and beats that you really can’t help dancing to.” – Almost Alternative


Originally formed in 2012, The Luddite Collective is many things to many people. Both a performing band and a grassroots social and political movement, The Collective works to use music as a medium for change, striving for nothing short of equity and equality for everyone.

Moving away from the traditional punk scene and expanding in both sound and scope in order to reach new audiences The Luddite Collective’s creative output is loud, visceral and thought-provoking. Featuring thunderous live bass from Dani Scum and electronics and vox from Dani Graves 

A live performance from The Collective is part sermon, part rave – a finely tuned balance of party and purpose that’s designed to entertain and inspire listeners in equal measure.

Away from music and working alongside a diverse team of artists, designers, activists and performers, The Luddite Collective hosts numerous events around Manchester including free markets, live shows and pop-up information stalls. DIY in every sense of the term, they are at their core deeply passionate, ardently political and profoundly committed to both their music and their cause.

WTF Is Wrong With The World, Live At Beat:Cancer (The Parish Huddersfield)




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The Luddite Collective Gig Dates

To book The Luddite Collective email us at theludditecollective@gmail.com

technical specifications

Our live rig consists of 2x TRS Jacks running from our main mix to the in house mixer. 

We need 2x microphones and mic stands with some reverb if it’s possible.

A full Technical Specifications sheet can be found in our Promotional Folder in PDF and Word formats.