The Luddite Collective’s creative output is loud, visceral and thought-provoking. Featuring thunderous live bass from Dani Scum, electronics and vocals from Dani Graves; a live performance from The Collective is part sermon, part rave – a finely tuned balance of party and purpose that’s designed to entertain and inspire listeners in equal measure.


Dani Graves


Dani put The Luddite Collective together in 2012 with the idea of fusing electronic, industrial and punk music together and also adding a social and political element both on and off the stage. As a result The Luddite Collective is both a performing band and a grassroots social and political movement using music as a medium for change, striving for nothing short of equity and equality for everyone.


Danis Lyrics are often politically charged and thought provoking demanding change without apology.












Dani Scum

Bass and Vox

Dani joined The Luddite Collective in 2016 bringing a new element to what was previously an all electric sound. Dani plays bass unforgivingly with thunderous riffs that leave the room shaking, a style that suites and adds to the sound that the Luddite Collective has carved into the soundwaves.


Dani also wrote the lyrics to Priorities and co-wrote various other lyrics on the upcoming EP on 3.0













cute as sin

photography and visuals

Cute AS Sin joined The Luddite Collective in 2017 starting with an amazing photo shoot that captured The Luddite Collective perfectly. Since then they have become our official photographer and plays a big part in the visual side of things, from creating the artwork for our limited edition gig exclusive EP to our upcoming EP 3.0. 


Cute As Sin is also co-writing lyrics to As History Repeats, which is on the upcoming EP 3.0 


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